Many of our Sparks teams will have practice during the summer months with the exception of our Aspire teams.

Practices for our competitive teams (including Aspire 4) will start in June. We are aware that families and skaters take much needed time during the summers to vacation and pursue other interests. Please note, we track skill levels and improvement of skaters throughout the summer in case they are working hard and aspiring to a certain level, and we take the summer commitment and practice into consideration when determining permanent/alternate spots on a competitive team in the fall. We will be getting our formal practices underway in August and typically have choreography weekend just before school starts or the weekend following the start of school. This is a very important camp during which skaters should plan to devote most of the weekend to a full agenda of skating and off-ice training. Please note, our schedule is dependent on ice availability. 

Beginning Teams and Aspire 1-2.  Practices for our Beginning and Aspire teams will typically start in August, however, skill clinics are usually offered through the summer for these levels. These skill clinics are optional and not included in the synchro fees. 


All athletes are expected to practice with intention. Every practice should be taken seriously. Athletes should arrive with enough time to warm-up off ice and be ready to enter the rink five minutes prior to on-ice start times.  Generally practice sessions are closed unless otherwise designated by the coach.   

Practice Attire:

Hair: Hair must be pulled up neatly, off the face, no flyaways. Buns preferred for female athletes.

Accessories: No gum or fake nails and absolutely no jewelry or bobby pins are to be worn during practice for the safety of the athletes.  Use of hand warmers must be done in a way so there is no danger of them falling on the ice and causing a safety issue.

Off-Ice Footwear: Athletes must wear lace-up (or Velcro), full-footed tennis shoes to every practice. Athletes not wearing the proper footwear will not be allowed to participate in off-ice practice and will be counted as absent from that practice.

Practice Apparel: For females should consist of solid black leggings (must be fitted through the ankle or fit over the heel of skate) and a fitted solid black shirt or tank depending on team level. Apparel for males should consist of solid black skating pants and a fitted solid black shirt.  All skaters can wear Sparks team jacket or Sparks vest at discretion of coaches. The team jacket will be available for purchase through a group order each summer. The leggings, skating pants and shirts may be purchased anywhere.     


An alternate is a skater who does not skate in every competition for various reasons which can include newness to team or the team just has an overflow of skaters. Our teams rotate alternates so if you are selected as an alternate on one occasion it does not mean that you will automatically be selected as an alternate next time. 

With all this in mind an alternate is counted as much a part of the team as the rest of the skaters as they may need to jump into the routine on very short notice, in fact right up until the team is ready to start.

Alternates may be selected at any time throughout the competition season based on number of skaters on the team, as well as skater ability, attendance, and behavior. Coach will continually assess the team as a whole, as well as each individual skater, to make decisions that most benefit the group for each competition.


Crossovers are chosen by the coaches by their ability to be able to learn routines of 2 different teams. The skater has the right not to skate as a crossover if they do not wish to. The Coach and Manager must be informed and the Coach, with the presence of the Manager or chaperone and parent of the skater if they wish, must discuss the concerns with the skater. Crossovers usually take time to settle in. If they find it difficult at first it is best to give it a go for a couple of weeks before withdrawing from being a crossover.